Teach Preschool Kids Spanish & English Concepts at Early Age



Children have an innate ability to learn an unimaginable amount of information at young ages.  We, as parents, should take advantage of this opportunity by feeding our children bits of information on a daily basis.  It can be as simple as noting the name of a plant or the sound of a particular bird.  How about starting to teach your child some basic Spanish vocabulary?  Introducing a second language to your child will not only broaden his horizons, knowing that other people speak in other languages, but it will help your child develop a skill to build on in later years. 

Some young children are naturals at languages and can learn a second and, sometimes, even a third language. 

Many preschools now teach Spanish to toddlers.  Some parents start teaching their six month olds words in two languages.  Amazingly, the children learn to differentiate the two languages, even though they sometimes mix up words between the languages in the early stages of learning the language.  This is called "code-switching" and it is a very normal occurence in bilingual communities everywhere.

To start your child to recognize simple Spanish -English concepts, we initially are offering two Spanish concept books,  Colors www.ziggityzoom.com/onlinebooks.php   and Numbers www.ziggityzoom.com/onlinebooks.php 

In the Activites section, you can print Matching games on magnetic sheets for a Number Matching game  www.ziggityzoom.com/activities.php  and several pages with Spanish-English vocabulary  www.ziggityzoom.com/activities.php   that can also be printed as a Matching game.  There are several different pages to print and we will continually add more so your child can continue to learn and add to his Spanish vocabulary.  These pages can also be used, of course, for teaching English to the Spanish-speaking child.