Teaching Kids to Care for Pets - Whether It Is A Cat Dog Fish or Bird



Most kids love animals and would like to have a pet.  In fact, kids often beg for pets when they see them ... "Can I have a puppy ... please?"  But parents need to think long and hard before introducing a pet into a household.  And of utmost importance is the type of pet your family will be the happiest with and that the pet will be the happiest with and well-cared for.

While some families can deal with a new puppy, others cannot plus puppies are a lot of work ... sort of like having a new baby.  And that is not a joke.  So, even though Susie is begging for a dog or cat, do a little reasearch first ... maybe a bird or fish will fill the pet need, but even little pets need daily care.

Regardless of what pet your family decides on,  you, as parent, should be making this decision by the way, make sure your child will be involved in the care of the pet if they are the one asking for the pet.  Get some books beforehand rather than rushing out to get some little unsuspecting animal.  Read up, with your child, on how much care will be involved, what type of food the animal eats and any other important information.  There are many book that can be borrowed from the library and this is another fun outing that can be part of the Pet planning process.

Explain to your child that they are expected to help care for the pet and really talk about what exactly they will have to do every day.  Whether it is a cat or a bird, explain that not only does the animal need food and water daily, but they must be given attention.  Obviously, depending on the pet, different pets will require different types of attention.  Cats need petting, dogs need exercising, birds like to be talked to.

One of the prime concepts to get across to kids, however, is that no matter what type of pet they have they should remember to always to KIND to pets and other animals.  This is an important lesson that can carry through to how they also treat other people, always with kindness.