Tegu Magnetic Wood Block Sets to Inspire Creativity in Kids


Wow … look what you can build with Tegu wood blocks.  Made with small magnets embedded into the wood, these are ideal blocks for unleashing creativity in kids.

We love that they are a green product and that the company Tegu is a very environmentally conscious company.

As they state at Tegu … “The wooden block just got better; a lot better. We all love classic wooden toys, but Tegu was getting a little bored with your grandfather’s blocks. So, we set out to update the most basic children’s toy for the 21st century. Using eco-friendly wood, we’ve created an innovative line of educational toys and, with the mysterious help of magnets, we’re making sleepy wooden blocks do things they’ve never done before! Try them out…Tegu blocks will unleash the boundless creative spirit of your children in remarkable new ways.”

Block sets from Tegu $50 – $125

Voluntary product review of a Toy that we fell in love with ... no compensation provided.