Today's Activity- Halloween Place Mat, Look and Find Outdoor Activity and Game for Dinnertime


Ziggity Zoom's Today's Activity for Thursday, October 2nd is:

Special Halloween Activity
Get onto the Halloween Spirit with a Halloween Place mat
Halloween I Spy Learning Place Mat
Print this Place Mat off for Your Kids and let them search and find the Halloween items.

Get Up and Get Moving Activity
Get Up and Get Moving-Look and Find-Backyard
Look and Find: BackyardGet Up, Get Moving and Explore!
Kids love hide and seek and scavenger hunts-so print off this look and find sheet and set them loose in your backyard to get moving and exploring their world.

Dinner Tonight
Tip of the Day for Meals
1 Way to Get through Dinner and have more fun with your kids: Play a Game during Dinner

At first it might seem that the dinner table is the absolute worst place to play during dinner. But with kids the goal is to get through dinner without a melt-down, everyone eating some of their food and to spend time together as a family. There is a time for conversational, formal-type dinners, but I do not think that helps to keep your kids, especially young ones, engaged at dinner time. So leave the formalities to your grown up dinner parties and have a little fun with your kids. You will all enjoy dinner time a little more if everyone relaxes a bit. Of course, there is always a place for manners and teaching at every meal, but a little fun makes meals more enjoyable.

Game Ideas

  • Name Something that Is: Color, Shape, Food grown in ground, on a tree, or any other group or things.
  • I Spy: Play the usual I spy game but everyone has to be able to see it from their seats.
  • What Is It?- Someone says 2 to 3 clues and each person takes a turn guessing what it is (ex. do animals or foods that are easy for kids to guess).
  • Spin a Tale- A parent starts a story about something the kids like and everyone can add to the story or give ideas to help the storyteller finish the story. So you could tell a story about a Princess or Pirate, a Knight or a funny camping trip or anything you can think of.

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