Today's Activity-Toys, Games, Puzzles, Costumes You Can Make for Free and A Easy, Quick Dinner Recipe


Today's Activity- a Great Activity for Every Day of the Week
At Ziggity Zoom we have lots of activities, games, coloring pages,fitness and searching games and educational worksheets. We also have great ideas for easy dinners and snacks. Come check out our daily tips, ideas and activity every day for a new idea to inspire you to have fun and teach your kids new things!

We will focus on providing ideas for play, games and worksheets that help your kids grow (by having fun of course) through observation and experiments, and games that improve listening skills and some ideas that are about having fun and family time. And ideas for healthy living and getting your kids up and moving which is so important for kids to do.
With Today's economy, parents are looking for ways to save money and still keep their kids busy and entertained. We want to give you a few ideas to keep your kids busy and have fun too!

Fun Toy to Make for Free
Sock Puppet Toy-Make for Free Sock Puppet Toy-Dog
To Make a Sock Puppetgather a few socks, spare material or paper and glue and make this cute dog puppet and a few your child can play with.


Pretend Play and Dress Up
Knight Costume for Dress Up activity for kids Knight Costume-Dress Up
Make this Knight Costume for Halloween or for pretend play and dress up. We also have many other easy, fast costumes you can make with a pillowcase, such as, Hula Girl, and Princess.


Family Fun- Free Games and Toys
Mermaid Puzzle game for kids Mermaid Puzzle
Make this Mermaid Puzzle-it is a perfect activity to keep your kids busy one afternoon that helps their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking skills. We also have a Pirate, Dragon,Robot, Surfer, Goodie Twoshoes Puzzles for your family to enjoy and for Free!

Food Tidbit of the Day:
Want a Quick Meal for Dinner that is All Wrapped Up in 5 minutes?
Make a Bean and Veggie Burrito

Make this Bean and Veggie Whole Wheat Wrap in 5-10 minutes and serve with fruit for a healthy, balanced meal.

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