Top 5 Indoor Toys for Snowday Fun


As the weather has turned cold and in many places snow has even started to fall, its time to consider some fun indoor toys and activities for the kids.  We love having fun inside and out and here are 5 of our top picks for fun indoor toys for your kids and family.  This winter keep your kids busy with a few non-tech options.

Snowball Fight - When it's cold outside but you want to give your kids a fun and active indoor game- check these out or make your own with socks and poly fill.  And if you're up for it join in on the fun.



Gravity Maze by THink Fun is a great family game that will keep minds sharp and the challenges coming.  Not intended for children 3 and under.


Snowman-opoly - need a fun family game?  This monopoly-like game is a perfect winter-time option.


Squishy Sand-  a perfect afternoon activity for your kids.  Just let them play with it in a big flat container.  It provides tons of fun and creative play time.

Spy Tag Game by Ravensburger is a fun game the kids or whole family can play especially on those cold, snowy days when the whole family is indoors.  What a fun game and one it move quickly.