Water Balloon Jousting Game


During the warm summer months, the most popular outdoor activities all seem to revolve around water.  Bring water into the mix and the kids are all ready to join in the fun. We designed a fun new water balloon game that the kids had a ball testing out this week.  We're sure your kids will be all for this outdoor family fun too. 

water balloon jousting game

It's an inexpensive party game that will fit the bill for a summer birthday party. Once again, we have utilized inexpensive materials to create this bit of fun.  Take a trip to a nearly Dollar Store and you can be all set to make your own Water Balloon Jousting game.

What you Need:

  • Foam kickboard (stiff styrofoam type)
  • Pool Noodle
  • Duct tape
  • Water Balloons
  • Marker
  • Plastic fork
  • Heavy string
  • Cutting utensil (steak knife)

water balloon games

What to Do:

  1. Cut away excess corners of kickboard so that you have the largest circle possible.  You can sketch te circle with marker and use a steak knife (adults only) for this step. (Our kickboard has a little arch in the middle but that works just fine for this project.)
  2. Fill approximately 40 water balloons and tie ends securely.  Place in a bucket and do not leave out in the sun.  If left in the sun they will start popping before you finish your project.  Otherwise they gave us no problems other than the occasional leaking balloon when we were filling them.
  3. Now, using marker, make dots at approximate spots where you will insert the water balloons.  Start with 3 dots across the top (will be 3 or 4 at bottom also).  At widest area, you will use 5 or 6 balloons.  Space evenly apart.
  4. Carefully make small slits through the foam kickboard, using a knife.
  5. Starting at the top, push the tied-off end of a balloon through a slit using your finger or something like a popscicle stick.  Tape securely with a small piece of duct tape.  Continue this procedure, working your way down the kickboard until all balloons are attached.  (Work on top of a towel or pillow to lessen the chance of popping any balloons.)
  6. Cut two lengths of string and attach one to the right, uppermost, slit that holds your top row of balloons.  Attach the other to the slit on the top, left.  Tie your Balloons to a tree branch higher than the height of your players or a swingset or another option you might have in your yard.

water balloon pinata game

You can choose water balloons that are all one color or a mix of colors like we did.

water balloon jousting

Be sure to keep the balloons out of the hot sun while making your Balloon target.

Water Balloon target

Make Your Jousting Stick:

  1. Insert a plastic fork into the end of a foam noodle.  If the children playing will be of a fairly young age, you can cut the noodle a bit shorter but we left ours the original length.
  2. Duct tape securely in place.
  3. Remind players that the jousting stick is to be set down for the next player before they move away from their turn. 
  4. All players get 3 jabs per turn.

pool noodle jousting game


Water balloon jousting game for kids

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