What Makes a House a Home


While we believe the outpouring of love is most important in creating "home", we also think that personalizing your abode is important in making a house feel like home.  It isn't really about buying things either.  Many, many of the fun items in our own home are things that we found at thrift shops, traded with artist friends or made ourselves.  We believe in making our space feel like fun.  Your own personal style might be more cozy or modern.  But however you interpret your style, make it your own. 

It really isn't hard, you just have to find items that you really love or that you or the kids have made.  Some of my most favorite art is art that the kids have made.  And wow, do we love thrift shops and junk shops!  You can even find things you would never imagine waiting at the curbside for the trashman.

Is music your thing?  Frame some old sheet music, find some old instruments for the wall.  Collect mini instruments for a table top.  It is easier if you go out on a treasure hunting adventure to have some sense of theme or collection idea in mind.  But keep your mind open ... if you see something unusual and you love it and it's in your price range, consider taking the leap.  Of course, not everyone is into unusual.  Kids love these kinds of adventures and they appreciate being involved in making decorating decisions.  To be a real home, it needs to reflect the personality of all who live there.

One of the most commented on items in our house is our living room coffee table.  We were having a family Christmas party shortly after we moved into our house and we had no coffee table or anything to use.  That is, until we though of using an open white box that we had previously used as a gallery stand.  It is roughly put together, but we turned it upside down and decided to fill it with inexpensive, but colorful, glass ornaments.  We stuffed newspaper into the bottom half of the space so we didn't have to use so many ornaments. Then all we needed was a glass top. Wallah !  One of our most favorite things that defines our home.  

By Sharon Pierce McCullough