Wildflower Fun



Wildflowers are everywhere.  Next time you take a walk somewhere other than a neighborhood with manicured lawns.  Wildflowers grow in fields, parks and along roadsides.  And between lawn mowings, notice how many wildflowers pop up.  We're thinking clover, dandelions, corn flowers and more.  You may take a second look at these "weeds" after you read this post.

If you've never heard before, dandelion greens are delicious in salads and for making dandelion tea.  Just make sure there is no fertilizer on the lawn before you pick them.

But we're thinking of more fun things to do with these so-called weeds and wildflowers.

Make a wildflower necklace or bracelet.

Just tie the stems around a flower with a stem hanging and keep adding flowers.  this should be done right after picking so the flowers and stems will stay supple while working with them.  This is a fun early morning activity for kids.  Take a walk, pick some wildflowers and then watch them go to town on their creations.

wildflower necklace

Play the Shooter game with wild weeds.

You know those spindly long things that grow between grass mowing?  You find them all along country roads too.  Just pick a bunch and then show the kiddos how to bend and shoot the ends.  I used to love doing this when I was growing up.  Such a fun summer memory.  If you've never done it, just fold the stem over, close to the head of the week, benind almost flat. Hold the stem together close to the head and press forward with the stem.  "Zoom" goes the head.  See who can shoot the farthest.  It's a fun, yet harmless, little shooting game.

wildflower weeds

Press the WildFlowers.

It is fun to search for wildflowers and pretty leaves that can be pressed.  And it's a perfect summer family activity.  Search your own backyard or go for some walks to find the prettiest wildflowers around.  As soon as you get home, put the flowers and leaves on separate pages of a heavy book.  Leave these for at least a week until they flatten and dry out.  You can frame these for little gifts in small frames you find at a dollar store.

pressed flowers

Make Wildflower notecards.

After you have pressed and dried your wildflowers, try making simple notecards.  You can fold a piece of cardstock to make a card.  Usually a 4x6 inch card is good.  Remember to cut the size to 6x8 inches, as you will be folding it in half to make the card.  Arrange your flowers as desired and then use a dab of white glue to attach them to the front of your card.  Cards will be fragile.

wildflower notecard

Sharon Pierce McCullough