Ziggity Zoom Launches New Kids Website


A fun, new, Kid-friendly website has just been launched this month. At www.ziggityzoom.com even preschool children can navigate the site easily.  In fact, it was designed so preschoolers and early grade school kids could find their way around the site with large, colorful icons.  It’s a fun place where kids can zoom around and meet new characters, read stories, play games and puzzles online and find fun activities to do with parents!

While there are a plethora of kid’s sites on the net, this site was created so that even a preschooler would be able to navigate through the kid sections without getting frustrated.  Very young children, who cannot read, can get around the website and have fun. Many of the top kids sites are often difficult for children younger than 7 to navigate and find the right activities for them without getting lost.   Most of those sites have a large, dedicated staff and millions of dollars behind them.  Ziggity Zoom has now tossed their hat in the ring and plans to compete with the big boys.  Newly launched Ziggity Zoom is already seeing traffic that is starting to grow by leaps and bounds.

To encourage creativity and independent thinking, Ziggity Zoom provides online Stories, Coloring, Games and lots of fun Activities and Arts and Crafts with simple graphics and surprise elements. While the site is primarily about Fun, there are many activities that incorporate educational content.  These include multi-lingual, English-Spanish, simple vocabulary words and numbers to print and match and simple Spanish books.

Ziggity Zoom is a free site where Kids can print their own stickers, magnets, cards, puzzles, mazes and decals.  Kids are also able to make their own toys, including games and a puppet theatre.  The Parent Section offers parenting articles on subjects dealing with good nutrition, kids exercise, recycling and protecting our environment.  Ongoing columns that are of special interest to parents are the Ziggity Zoom Top Toy Picks and Preschool Book Picks.

While new activities, stories and games will be added on a continuous basis, there is another section of the site that will be premiering in the near future ... easy preschool-oriented Playworlds.  Playworld themes include Mermaid Island, Princess Land, Pirate Island and Knight & Dragon Land.  These playworlds will be simple introductions into the virtual world, and this section will also be free. 

Kristin Fitch,   CEO

Ziggity Zoom LLC

Virginia Beach, VA