Ziggity Zoom's Top Toy Picks for 3 +


   Froggy Boogie Game
  4 and up Blue Orange Games

  A great preschool memory game. Baby frogs try to be the first to hop around the pond.
  Well-made colorful, wooden game that gets a lot of play from our Ziggity Zoom parents,
  grandparents and kids.

   Click Start Computer
  Ages 3 - 6 Leap Frog

  Click Start My First Computer introduces computer and preschool skills by turning any
  TV into a child's first computer.

  Available in green or pink, Click Start lets kids work with letters, numbers, colors,
  shapes, phonics and more.

  Ages 3 - 12 Greenhouse International

  Kids pump air into various "block" segments to build their own play space.

  Easy-to-use foot pump included. Deflate to pack away. Inspires Creativity!

   Spinny Speller
  Ages 3 + Maple Landmark

  Three four-sided blocks spin to make 3 dozen simple words and rhyming words.

  Hardwood construction. Great for early reading skills and fun to play with.