Pool Noodles Projects for Family Fun


bow and arrow for kids

You know those foam pool noodles that you see in every store you step into?  Well, you can make lots of fun things from just those foam noodles.  They only cost a few dollars most places but to really save money, buy them at the Dollar Store.   You can create some really simple, fun toys for summer play.

We made all these fun summertime toys a few weeks ago and the foam bow and arrow is, by far, getting the most play time ... in fact, a lot of play time.

Foam Bow and Arrow

foam bow and arrow


Tic Tac Toe Game

tic tac toe game


Foam SailBoat

DIY foam sailboat


Foam Airplane

foam airplane

Foam Tennis Racquet

pool noodle racquet

Water Swing

pool noodle swing