Parents Guide

Our mission at Ziggity Zoom is to create content for kids that will enrich their lives. We have created a website for you and your kids that is safe, easy for even a pre-schooler to navigate and to be hands-on with great activities on the site and printables and activities to do offline with you. Please explore our site and send us your feedback. We would love to hear from you.

As you will see below, besides great online games, coloring, playworlds, and stories for your kids to do by themselves or with you, we also have activities and articles about healthy eating and food ideas, get up and get moving-excerise games and recommendations, going green ideas and activities, and reward charts, certificates and lots of other helpful ideas and print out for you to help every day with your child be a great day!

Get Up & Get Moving
Get Up & Get Moving A great part of our site that offers activites and ideas for kids and families to get moving. We know how important exercising and having fun are to everyone and we want to help.
Educational Fun
Educational Fun The cornerstone to success is doing well in school and we have created a section to help parents give their kids fun, educational worksheets to get them ready for school. We currently have Pre-K and kindergarten age appropriate educational worksheets and interactive stories.
Kid Certificates
Kid Certificates We know it is important for kids to feel good about themselves and for them to learn the importance of achieveing a goal. We have created unique kids certificates you can print and present to your child for a special accomplishment or special day.
Reward/Kid Charts
Reward/Kid Charts We know how helpful it can be to use charts to track your child's progress in something. We have created several reward charts for you to print. You can involve your child by allowing him or her to mark his/her chart when they complete the task or accomplishment.
Dinner Strategies
Dinner Strategies We know how challenging it can be to get through dinner sometimes. We have provided several creative dinner time stratgies and games to make dinner time prep, eating and cleanup more fun.
Healthy Living
Healthy Living Everyone is busy today. Work, school, extracirricular activities...and we know that eating healthy, having a healthy house, and environment are important- so we have great ideas for how to live healthy.
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts We believe that allowing children to be expressive, creative and hands-on will prepare them for life. We have great acitivities for your child to explore their world, create and express themselves.