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  1. Six Tips to Raising Saving Savvy and Money Smart Kids

    ... that comes in and the money that goes out. An eye-opening activity is to choose a category of spending, say trading cards, and add up how ...

    Posts - Staff - Sat, 2013-03-23 10:11

  2. Teaching your Child Selflessness

    ... The United Way and VolunteerMatch.com to help you find an activity that fits your family.   Pay Attention. Lastly, and ...

    Posts - Staff - Tue, 2011-09-13 10:14

  3. USDA Update on Food Pyramid

    ... we can always develop another image to promote physical activity. by Tripp Underwood, used with permission form Children's ...

    Posts - Staff - Sun, 2011-11-13 14:18

  4. Money Matters- Lessons to Teach your Kids about Money- Saving, Spending and Donating

    ... about getting something. Of course, you should bring an activity to occupy them or have them help you locate the needed items or play a ...

    Posts - kpfitch - Wed, 2012-01-11 20:09