Have fun reading our Kids online interactive stories, which are perfect to read to your child or let preschool or school age children read themselves. Our free online stories, with audio, are easy readers that beginning readers can enjoy. Perfect for homeschool and classroom use. Stories about a Princess, a Pirate, Curious Baby, BunBun, Beakley, and Educational books to be read online.

You and your child can listen to the stories with audio or you can turn the audio off and read the story to your child or have them read it to you.

Dragons are a child's best friend! Come learn about our Dragon friends and their personalities.

It's time for Halloween again! Do You know what you will dress up as? Help our favorite character Bunbun find a costume.

Easter is almost here. Come along and see the great Easter Eggs our little bunnies find.

BunBun gets ready for Christmas and Counts all of the Christmas Decorations.

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BunBun the rabbit is the star of his own book series. Read this very first book that was written about BunBun.

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Colors in Spanish- Learn the Spanish name for each color with words, colors and pictures.

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Count 1-10 in Spanish with words, pictures and numbers.

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Beakley learns to count to 10. Beakley wants you to learn your numbers and colors with him.

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Come join one curious baby exploring the world of animals. Your baby or child will love the bright colors and images in this story.

Just like most babies, this little Baby is curious about all things. Curious Baby Book.

Goodie Twoshoes works on being nice. Do you try to be kind every day?

Are you a princess? Read this story about a real princess named Princess Little.

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My Little Pirate is a story for the adventurer in all of us.

This will be Beakley's first trip. Weber said, "It will be fun." Kids online story.

Weber said, "Let's go to the beach." So Beakley & Weber put on swimsuits and headed to the beach. Story teaches kids about overcoming fear of water.

Bear with Blue Hair is a fun, and silly rhyming story that kids and adults alike will enjoy! Poetry for kids.

Bunbun, Bibi and Paco spend a day at the beach.


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