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Creativity and Imagination are important in child development. Here at Ziggity Zoom we try to incorporate fun into all sorts of creative activities including...

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Educational Projects
  • Get Up & Get Moving Activities
  • Creative Nutritional Projects
  • Parent - Child Activities

Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Arts & Crafts
Kids Decor
Kids Decor
Toys to Make
Toys to Make
Educational Fun
Educational Fun
Kids Fun Foods
Kids Fun Foods

Simple Kid/Parent Activites
Simple Kid/Parent Activites
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Reward Charts
Reward Charts
Kid Certificates
Kid Certificates
T-Shirts & DressUp
T-Shirts & DressUp
ZZ Extras
ZZ Extras

Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Home Schooling
Home Schooling
Kids Arts & CraftsKids Arts & Crafts
Fun Stick Art to Make with Nature Materials and Art Supplies Fun Stick Art to Make with Nature Materials and Art Supplies

This fun activity involves getting kids outdoors to collect little twigs and other treasures.   Combined with simple art supplies kids can then create a Nature masterpiece.

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Recycled Robot Recycled Robot

This cute Robot is made from all recycled materials.  Kids love to make these and they look great as a fun room decoration.

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Make a Mini Purse Make a Mini Purse

Here is a pattern to make a cute little mini purse.  Quick and easy to make with few materials needed.  Little girls love these.

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All Kids Arts & Crafts Activities

Cutting Practice Worksheet 3 Cutting Practice Worksheet 3

Preschool worksheets for learning how to cut paper.  Helps develop fine motor control for preschoolers.  Print all three worksheets and let your child put, color and paste his cut paper onto another piece of paper to make a piece of artwork.

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Pirate Treasure Map Pirate Treasure Map

Print this neat looking Pirate Treasure map for real pirate fun.  Having a party?  Print pirate maps for all the kids and roll up as favors or use them as Pirate placemats.

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Jointed Dancing Cat Craft Jointed Dancing Cat Craft

Make this cute jointed "dancing" cat for a Halloween craft that's easy to make.  Just print, cut and assemble with string.  Use this cat in the Halloween theatre from a cereal box or cracker box.  A great DIY green recycling craft project.  For a long-lasting cat, apply printout to cardboard or pre-cut  1/8 inch wood.

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All Printables Activities

Kids DecorKids Decor
Alligator Jungle theme Color My Placemat Project Alligator Jungle theme Color My Placemat Project

Make a Jungle themed "Color My Placemat" for your child or do as a class project.  Just print and laminate for hours of fun coloring over and over again.  Or let the kids color first and then laminate so they have their own art at their place setting every night.

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Rainforest Gator Decal Rainforest Gator Decal

Use this cute Rainforest Gator to make a decal, print or mobile.

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Penny Frame for Father's Day is a Fun Kid's Craft Penny Frame for Father's Day is a Fun Kid's Craft

Let your Kids make this neat Penny Frame for their room or to give as a gift..  This is an easy craft to make for Dad that he is sure to love.  Frame can be made to sit on Dads desk or hang on Dads wall.  A great Fathers Day gift.

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All Kids Decor Activities

Toys to MakeToys to Make
Zoo Playmat to Make Zoo Playmat to Make

Make this cute Zoo playmat that can be used for any type of play with animal figures.  It's easy and inexpensive to make and will provide hours of playtime.

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Princess Dressup Playset Princess Dressup Playset

Here is a darling princess playset to make.  Print on magnetic page, then cut and play. This same Princess is available as a Dress Up Game under the games section of Ziggity Zoom.  Fun preschool activity and craft.

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Cute Valentine Animals from Paper Tubes Cute Valentine Animals from Paper Tubes

Make these darling little paper tube animals for a fun Valentine activity.  Body and legs are all one piece cut from tp rolls and paper towel rolls.  Great homeschool project.  Make an entire zoo of animals, making freehand heads and tails.

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All Toys to Make Activities

Educational FunEducational Fun
Ziggity Shapes Flashcards I Ziggity Shapes Flashcards I

Print these basic shape flashcards to help Preschoolers learn both color and shapes.

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ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter t ZZ Alphabet Worksheet - Letter t

Upper and lower case alphabet tracing worksheets.

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Worksheet Preschool Numbers Worksheet Preschool Numbers

Preschool count and match worksheet.   Numbers one to ten.  Homeschool printable page.

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All Educational Fun Activities

Kids Fun FoodsKids Fun Foods
White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Make this easy and delicious recipe for white chocolate popcorn.  We added cranraisins to ours for a fun holiday twist.

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Halloween Witch Sandwich Halloween Witch Sandwich

Make this cute and easy recipe for a Halloween Witch.  It's so cute you could serve it any time of the year.  Helps to get your child eating a few more veggies and fruits at lunch.

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Dipped Pretzel Dipped Pretzel

This is a fun food item that the kids can help make.  We just used store bought Frosting, Pretzel rods and sprinkles.  Fun to give as gifts and tasty too.

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All Kids Fun Foods Activities

Simple Kid/Parent ActivitesSimple Kid/Parent Activites
Look & Find:  DRIVING Look & Find: DRIVING

Print this Look & Find sheet before you hop in the car next time.  This travel game will keep the kids occupied for a while.  Free preschool travel activity.

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A Spring Flower Garland Craft Printable A Spring Flower Garland Craft Printable

Print this pretty garland of Spring flowers and string on some ribbon.  It's a great table runner for Easter or a pretty wall garland.  Add to decor for a party.

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A Twig Pencil Holder to Make A Twig Pencil Holder to Make

This rustic pencil holder is a great gift that kids can make. It's a great craft for kids to make from recycled things.  Birthday or Christmas gift, as well as a fun Father's Day gift.

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All Simple Kid/Parent Activites Activities

"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities"Get Up & Get Moving" Activities
Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy Dragon Mask or Dragon Wind Toy

Perfect for the Chinese New Year.  Print this colorful dragon head to make as a mask or make a fun dragon toy on a stick.  Add streamers of crepe paper or ribbon for a fun dragon activity project.

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Leap Frog Fun Leap Frog Fun

This simple Hopping game is not only fun to make but will provide lots of exercise and fun for preschoolers.

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Water Balloon Pinata Water Balloon Pinata

This Water Balloon pinata is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.  The kids love this and it gets them up and moving.  Just be sure to only use a plastic bat for swinging at the pinata. Part of our Summer Fun guide of family activities.

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All "Get Up & Get Moving" Activities Activities

Reward ChartsReward Charts
Screentime Chart - Keep Track of Computer / TV Time Screentime Chart - Keep Track of Computer / TV Time

Print this Screentime Chart to keep track of your child's time on the computer, tv and video games.  Print the companion Screentime disks on sticker paper so the kids can help keep track too.

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Homework Chart Homework Chart

Printable homework chart for kids.  Print this chart and add stars or a favorite sticker when your child gets his homework done. 

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Screentime Tracking Disks Screentime Tracking Disks

Printable Screentime tracking disks to print and cut out for use with Screentime Chart.  Print on Sticker paper or plain paper.  Kids can attach to chart.

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All Reward Charts Activities

Kid CertificatesKid Certificates
Good Attitude Award Pink Good Attitude Award Pink

Print off these "Good Attitude Awards'" to reward your children.

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# 1 Kid Pink Printable Certificate # 1 Kid Pink Printable Certificate

Proud of your kid?  Then show her by printing this number 1 Kid certificate.  You could frame it to make it even more special.

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# 1 KID Certificate Purple # 1 KID Certificate Purple

Print this colorful certificate for your #1 KID.

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All Kid Certificates Activities

T-Shirts & DressUpT-Shirts & DressUp
Easy Clown Costume from Pillowcase Easy Clown Costume from Pillowcase

Such a fun Clown costume to make.  Kids can play dressup all year long and, of course, it's a perfect Halloween costume.  Easy no-sew costume to make.

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Make an Elephant Mask Make an Elephant Mask

Make this great elephant mask just for fun or for Halloween trick or treat.  This mask can be made for the kids from thin sheets of foam or printed on paper.

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Doctor/Nurse Prescripion play sheets Doctor/Nurse Prescripion play sheets

NEW !   Printable prescription sheets for kids to use when playing Nurse or Doctor Dressup.

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All T-Shirts & DressUp Activities

ZZ ExtrasZZ Extras
October Horse Print -  Halloween Horse October Horse Print - Halloween Horse

Halloween Horse is the Free Ziggity Zoom horse print for the month of October to add to your 12 month series of "Horses for all Seasons".  This print by Sharon Pierce McCullough can be printed on heavyweight paper and is suitable for framing.  Each month there will be a new print so be sure to check back each month.

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Fun Bowling Set Fun Bowling Set

Make this fun, colorful & inexpensive bowling set with your child.  This will provide a fun do-together activity, exercise and a real sense of accomplishment for your child.

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July Print Patriotic Horse July Print Patriotic Horse

Once a month, here at Ziggity Zoom, we will be offering a free print from Sharon Pierce McCullough that you can print on your computer for framing.  This first print, Patriotic Horse, is perfect for displaying in July for celebrating the 4th of July.  The first series will feature a "Horse of the Month"  which will change every month, for the next year.  Each print will only be available for a month, so check back often!
If you would like to Print this Month's Free Art Print by Sharon Pierce McCullough-click here to open the PDF and print it on Matte Heavyweight paper.

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All ZZ Extras Activities

Holiday CraftsHoliday Crafts
Jointed Paper Giraffe Jointed Paper Giraffe

Make a Zoo full of animals to play with or turn into marionettes.  This Giraffe is easy to make and fun to play with.

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All Holiday Crafts Activities

Printable Color by Number Alligator Printable Color by Number Alligator

Kids will love to color this fun Jungle scene with the Alligator.  Helps with number and color recognition.

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Easter Word Worksheet Easter Word Worksheet

Print this Easter word worksheet for a kids activity.  See how many words they can make using the word E-A-S-T-E-R.

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Fun Pattern Sequence Pre-K Worksheet 1 Fun Pattern Sequence Pre-K Worksheet 1

New!  Pattern sequence worksheet to print for preschool learning.  Free printable pre-K worksheet for classroom or home use.

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All Teachers Activities

Gem Jewelry Box to Keep or Give Gem Jewelry Box to Keep or Give

This is an easy craft made from a plain, recycled little jewelry box.  Just paint and add some stick-on glittery gems or some glitter. 

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Bunny Hardboiled Eggs Bunny Hardboiled Eggs

Our own original Bunny eggs for Easter brunch or just a fun snack. This is a simple recipe and the kids can help make their own bunny egg.

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Spanish - English Number Match Spanish - English Number Match
Print & Cut out these colorful numbers & the color-coded
            English and Spanish words. Fun way to play & learn.  Preschool Spanish.

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All Parents Activities

Home SchoolingHome Schooling
Puppy Rock Buddy Puppy Rock Buddy

Make a whole gang of these cute critters with just rocks and foam.  This is an easy preschool craft that both boys and girls will enjoy.  Make this cute little dog or the frog prince.  But kids can create their own little animal pets and make a kitten, cow or elephant ... any animal they choose.

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New Spanish - English Word Match New Spanish - English Word Match

New!   Spanish - English word match game.  New words for Spring.  Print on magnetic printer paper for a fun, enduring game.  Combine with other printable Spanish - English word pages in this Educational Activities section of ZiggityZoom.

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Monster Craft from Boxes Monster Craft from Boxes

NEW !  Halloween Monsters to make from small kitchen boxes.

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All Home Schooling Activities

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